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20 Of The Absolute Best Addiction Recovery Quotes Of All Time

Here are some of our favourite recovery quotes and addiction quotes. These inspirational and motivational quotes of ALL time we have collected through Facebook, Pinterest, from participants or that people have shared with us. If you, a loved one, a client or someone that you know is struggling with addiction, the following are some words of encouragement that might help them on their journey.

Take a moment to stop, read and reflect on these words of strength and wisdom and how they might relate to your own situation in dealing with drug or alcohol addiction with yourself or with someone else. These quotes might have more significance on certain days than others or situations when you are going through the recovery journey or managing sobriety after rehab to avoid relapse.

“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.”

Our goal at iRecover is to Change Lives and Rebuild Families, by helping those affected to live a drug and alcohol-free life and one that inspires a healthy and happy relationship with themselves and with others. You are worth it!  Let your triumph become the voice of recovery!

If you have a recovery motivation quotes or addiction quotes or inspiration that you would like to share, please send us a message through our Contact Us page.

20. It Does Not Matter How Slowly You Go As Long As You Do Not Stop.

19. I’m Not Telling You It Is Going To Be Easy, I’m Telling You It’s Going To Be Worth It.

18. My Recovery Must Come First So That Everything I Love In Life Doesn’t Have To Come Last.

17. The Goal Isn’t To Be Sober. The Goal Is To Love Yourself So Much That You Don’t Need To Drink.

16. I Understood Myself Only After I Destroyed Myself.

And Only In The Process Of Fixing Myself, Did I Know Who I Really Was.

15. I Am Not Defined By My Relapses,

But By My Decision To Remain In Recovery Despite Them.

14. Recovery Is An Acceptance That Your Life Is In Shambles And You Have To Change.

13. Recovery Is AboutProgression Not Perfection.

12. Recovery Didn’t Open The Gates Of Heaven And Let Me In.

Recovery Opened The Gates Of Hell And Let Me Out!

11. I Know You’re Tired, I Know You Feel Like Giving Up, But You’re Not Going To.

You Know Why?

Because You Are Strong, And When You’re Survived Through All The Shit

Your Addiction Has But You Through, You Can Survive Recovery.

10. There Is No Shame In Beginning Again,

For You Get A Chance To Build Bigger And Better Than Before.

9. You Don’t Get Over An Addiction By Stopping Using.

You Recovery By Creating A New Life Where It’s Easier To Not Use.

If You Don’t Create A New Life,

Then All The Factors That Brought You To Your Addiction Will Catch Up With You Gain.

8. It’s Not That Some People Have Willpower And Some Don’t.

It’s That Some People Are Ready To Change And Others Are Not.

7. If You Find Yourself In A Hole,

The First Thing To Do Is Stop Digging.

6. Recovery Is Something That You Have To Work On Every Single Day

And It’s Something That Doesn’t Get A Day Off.

5. Addiction Is The Disease That Makes You Too Selfish

To See The Havoc You Created Or

Care About The People Whose Lives You Have Shattered.

4. It’s Gonna Get Harder Before It Gets Easier.

But It Will Get Better,

You Just Gotta Make It Through The Hard Stuff First.

3. Recovery Is Not For People Who Need It,

It’s For People Who Want It.

2. You Were Never Created To Live

Depressed, Defeated, Guilty, Condemned, Ashamed Or Unworthy.

You Were Create To Be Victorious.

1. I Would Rather Go Through Life Sober, Believing I Am An Alcoholic,

Than Go Through Life Drunk, Trying To Convince Myself That I Am Not.

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