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Introducing iRecover Okanagan

iRecover’s Okanagan is one of the top addiction treatment centers in BC.

Our rehab facility is  located 15 minutes east of Vernon (1 hour north of Kelowna).

Treatment Centers in BC

Rehab | Addiction Treatment | Medically Assisted Detox

When individuals and families are looking for drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers in British Columbia, they always turn to iRecover.  For 14 years, our team has been helping to change the addictive behaviours of individuals and in doing so they can start repairing relationships and rebuilding families.

iRecover is proud to present our Okanagan addiction treatment centres in BC (Lavington, British Columbia). This 13-bed addictions treatment facility, with its rolling mountain views, provides the ideal setting when you are looking for a place to reflect and work on your own personal recovery journey. Medical detox is available to Kelowna, Vernon and surrounding communities 24/7.  Please give us a call prior to arrival.

The medically assisted detox is performed with a LPN and NP in initially dealing with the substance abuse issue and drug treatments.  This facility will enable the participant to work along-side their counsellors to address trauma, health concerns, mental health, mending relationships, building self-worth, body image, identity and many more issues focusing specifically on how men and women experience and work through these issues. Similar to our other facilities across Canada, the participants at iRecover Okanagan will receive their very own tablet computer with all the course material, videos and other media pre-installed.  Drug and alcohol treatment and addictions treatment in general can be delivered using many different forms or modalities.  The evidence based treatment and results that iRecover has been providing for 14 years, can help the drug addict or alcohol addict reach sobriety by attending our recovery program.

This tablet will be their classroom tool and a method of communication with friends and family. iRecover’s effective addiction treatment program is still being delivered at iRecover Okanagan in a peaceful residential treatment setting. We are very excited to offer this choice to our male and female treatment center participants in BC that join us from all areas of the province including Vancouver Island.  Participants looking for long term addiction services often choose a recovery program location outside of their community and one that is licensed by the British Columbia Health Authority.

Kelowna International Airport is only 45 minutes from our treatment centers in BC.

  • Medically Assisted Detox (LPN and NP)

  • Four Week Residential Program

  • ​Eight Week Residential Program

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

Four and Eight Week Programs

  • Single Private rooms

  • Medical detox with 24 hour medical staff on site

  • Your very own iRecover Tablet Computer

  • 12 Step classroom based program

  • One to one counselling

  • Nutritious meals

  • Fitness

  • Fellowship meetings

  • Continual care program after completion

If you are searching for addiction treatment and addiction treatment centres in British Columbia, consider those with evidence-based treatment programs that are engaged in private alcohol rehab and drug rehab. When participants are engaged in full-time drug rehabilitation in a residential setting, they are immersed in an environment that supports their recovery 24 hours a day and without the temptations often found with outpatient programs.

Click here for a list of what to bring and what not to bring to our addiction rehab facility.

Technology Based Treatment

Participants are provided with an computer tablet pre-loaded with the full program content including books, videos and special applications.  This will also enable them to have ongoing access to the four live 12-step meetings per day, following their treatment.

The device also supports continuous aftercare, enabling participants to maintain contact with their fellow participants to strengthen relationships and providing accountability on a daily basis.

This tablet will be their classroom tool and a method of communication with friends and family.

A Typical Day

(This may vary slightly from location to location)

Every day is a fresh start.

7:00am – Spin Class (optional) – Certain locations

8:00am – Breakfast (Usually continental)

8:30am – Big Book meeting with the entire group

9:30am – Classes start and you will be with your particular smaller group in the same week as yourself. Classes are led by a facilitator.

Noon – Lunch ( Catered or cooked in house)

1:00pm – Talking Stick with the entire group

2:00pm – Classes resume

4:00pm – Individual Counselling or Gym / recreation

5:00pm – Big Book study (step meeting) with the entire group

6:00pm – Dinner! ( Catered or cooked in house)

*After dinner there is usually either a fellowship meeting on-site or off-site or an alternative activity like Yoga etc.*

9:00pm – 10th Step Meeting

11:00pm – Quiet time and time to get some sleep

Amenities & Activities

Even though the program is full time (from early morning and into the late evenings), care is taken to ensure there is a healthy balance.  Between classroom lessons, group sessions, 1-on-1 counselling, time to reflect and meals, participants can engage in fun and relaxing activities.  These can include activities both indoors and outdoors at our facility.  Circuit training, yoga and swimming are located off-site.

On Saturdays, the group can decide on an external outing activity that will be accompanied by staff (after they complete their detox and week one).  This could include activities such as hiking, movies, escape room, bowling, going to the movies or even to the lake.  Location and seasonality generally influence the groups decision.  Some of our amenities include:

  • Art room

  • Spin bikes and treadmill

  • Large screen TV and movie area

  • Volleyball net

  • Assorted indoor and outdoor sporting equipment

  • Outdoor fire pit

How To Find Us

iRecover Addiction Treatment Centers Inc.

Address:                  9816 School Rd, Coldstream, BC V1B 3C7

Phone Number:    1-877-387-4155

Hours:                     Monday to Sunday open 24 hours

Family members and friends of a loved one that is attending our Alberta rehab program can send a message to their loved one.

Call 1-403-244-9100 to leave a voicemail (24/7) which will be sent to the participant.

iRecover’s British Columbia location is conveniently located in the Okanagan Valley 15 minutes east of Vernon in the beautiful small town of Lavington.

A short and picturesque 40 minute drive north through Lake County, you will arrive at our property nestled in beautiful surroundings as an ideal location to work on your journey to recovery at our treatment centers in BC.

Need help finding us? Call 24/7 at 1-877-387-4155

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Serving Lavington BC, Vernon BC, Kelowna BC and The Okanagan Valley

iRecover Alumni

Shelby iRecover Alumni

“I still use what I learned from iRecover Alberta everyday. That, for me, started with the willingness to be responsible for my disease. From there I was able to change and I now have a great relationship with my husband and kids.”

Shelby (iRecover Alumni)
Nancy is an iRecover Alumni

I attended the Serenity Ranch in Tees Alberta in July-August, 2011 I very much gained the necessary tools to use when I finished there. I still use them today. I enjoyed the new circle of friends and staff. I loved to work out in the gym, food was amazing. I highly recommend this centre as it is out of nowhere and got you grounded. Wish I could visit there as a visitor or helper as I am a very much loving sobriety”

Nancy (iRecover Alumni)
Natasha iRecover Alumni

“Celebrating one year sober today!! I was addicted to pain medication for over a decade and couldn’t
see any other way to live until I came to iRecover treatment centre I was taught a new way of life.
​Thank you iRecover!”

Natasha (iRecover Alumni)

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