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Our talented and dedicated staff change the lives of individuals and families every single day.

Jim Gray, Founder & CEO 

iRecover Jim Gray

Jim Gray is the founder and owner of iRecover Addiction Treatment Centers.

Jim ( who has nearly 30 years of sobriety) decided to start a treatment center to get drunk drivers off the road after his youngest son was nearly killed by an impaired driver. After 14 years, iRecover has grown to help changed the lives of thousands of families.

Dr. Avininder Aulakh, MD, FRCPC, DABAM

Dr. Avininder Aulakh, MD, FRCPC, DABAM

Dr. Avininder Aulakh, MD, FRCPC, DABAM is duly qualified psychiatrist and addiction specialist.

Dr Aulakh is fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada as a Psychiatrist and Diplomate of the American Board of Addiction Medicine. Dr Aulakh has served as Section Chief of Addictions for Alberta Health Services North Zone till Sept 2019. Dr Aulakh is the Medical director of Savera Medical Centre clinic that has focus on addictions in South Asian community. In addition he has served as the Medical Lead for various addiction related programs in Edmonton. Dr Aulakh is also the President and Founder of non-profit organsiation NASHAA raising awareness about addictions. Dr Aulakh is a Clinical Lecturer in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Alberta and teach residents and medical students in areas of addiction psychiatry.

Dr. John Charlton RRC

Dr. John Charlton RCC (BCACC # 9168) is a registered clinical counselor, habit change aficionado, facilitator, and coach. John loves helping others achieve their goals one bite-size step at a time. He completed earned degrees from Trent University, Queen’s University, University of Toronto: Yorkville University, and Providence Sem.

Dr. Charlton’s doctoral work developed a restorative justice model, toward addiction recovery, predicated upon healing, not punishment. Specifically, Dr. Charlton examined the need for an individual to believe in something greater than themselves, to which they are accountable, in order to cognitively restructure the tendency to egotistically twist logic toward self-justification.

Dr. Charlton provides individual counseling services to Alberta-based participants remotely.

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