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Volume 5, Issue 2, May 2022

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As Jim Sees It
A Message from the Director
What`s Happening at iRecover

As Jim Sees it

iRecover Air

Now that Spring has come and gone four times in the last few weeks, summer appears to be on the horizon. We just went to a big conference in Calgary, the first in three years and it was nice to talk in person to people in the industry. The government appears to be coming on board with helping more people with addictions. I believe there are a lot more people with depression and addictive behavior right now and hopefully with summer coming this will lessen.

These last three weeks I have gotten in quite of bit of flying between trips to South Dakota and Victoria. (pictured flying into Victoria) More to come as the weather improves. I am always grateful for the ability to pick up participants and take them to treatment and see the change in them.

A Message from the Director

With a new spring comes new opportunities here at iRecover. The participants that we help on a daily basis, always push us to do our best to show them that sobriety can be attained and that they are not alone in their daily struggles with addiction, both internally and externally. Every day we get closer to summer, being outside, camping, the end of school, and with that a temptation to “let loose” and for some to numb ourselves through unhealthy vices. I see it as an opportunity to really show one another that we can go out, be social, and not let ourselves become the people that we don’t want to be. Instead to be real and feel everything, to create friendships and families rather than destroy them. Live life to the fullest and embrace the new spring with renewed vitality and vigor. This is the message we pass on to our participants to guide their outlook and approach to recovery.

What’s Happening at iRecover

At the beginning of the year, a group of iRecover staff spearheaded a Wellness Committee. The committee organizes various wellness activities for staff with a different theme for each month. February was Heart Month and included a fitness challenge with opportunities to win various prizes. March was designated Green Month and included new plants for offices and throughout the building, hidden four-leaf clovers with chances of prizes, a potluck, and an art competition. April’s theme was Spring Fun and gave staff an opportunity to share stories about their beloved pets, a name that tune competition, and jokes of the week. This new committee has brought so much fun and healthy competition, promoting camaraderie with our iRecover team.

In April iRecover Treatment Centres was honored to be a sponsor of the Recovery Capital Conference in Calgary. This year the conference was the largest yet with over 800 attendees and was a great opportunity for addiction professionals and other related fields to come together. It included expert speakers that are clinicians, policymakers, and leaders in research,  from all over the world. Some members of iRecover’s staff were able to attend and take in the latest research and most effective approaches to treating addiction as a brain disease. Among the speakers was Dr. John Kelly who, among many other accolades, is a Professor of Psychiatry in  Addiction Medicine at Harvard, and Dr. Johanna O’Flaherty a psychologist, author, and consultant who has led trauma response teams to many tragic events including 911.

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