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A message from the director
What’s happening at iRecover

A Message from the Director:

So far the summer of 2022 has brought us wonderful weather and many new beginnings for people’s lives; whether it is through new citizenships, sobriety or just
new experiences. We always enjoy helping people through all their problems even though some may be more difficult to help than others. This year we have been
focusing more on how iRecover can connect with new groups of people in need of help. In the last newsletter Jim touched on how we opened a location in Glendon for women and their young ones. This new beginning for us has been keeping us very busy and has definitely opened our eyes even more to the problems of addiction and the negative effects it has on families. With the child able to stay with the parent we are helping keep families together instead of being torn apart.
We would like to extend an invitation to members of the community to reach out and connect with us. If you are interested in joining our Community Connections
Committee, please contact me at the email provided below.

What`s Happening at iRecover?

The last days of spring and first days of summer proved to be a time of celebration here at iRecover. We would like to congratulate Ross, a program facilitator who proudly received his Canadian citizenship in a ceremony he attended from our centre. Ross immigrated from Barbados in 2014 and says his journey to citizenship has been an emotional and long but very rewarding process. He has met so many wonderful people in Canada along the way, people who have helped him and shown him the way. He expresses gratitude for being able to attend his ceremony from the centre. Ross is thankful to the Gray family and staff for making it such a special experience for him; along with the participants who had fun decorating the room in Canadian paraphernalia.

We hope you all were able to enjoy your Canada Day! Staff and participants celebrated Canada Day by playing games and BBQing delicious food. It was a day full of good energy and team spirit. There was also a lot of laughter with one of our counselors, Shelbey, taking on the role of Steve Harvey in a house version of Family Feud. The early days of recovery can be challenging so it was really great to see so much joy in the participants as they kept things simple and just enjoyed each other’s company.

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