Jim Gray

​Founder, CEO and Pilot at iRecover Treatment Centers with nearly 30 years of sobriety to his credit.

“Changing Lives. Rebuilding Families.”


iRecover Jim Gray

Jim Gray is the founder and owner of iRecover Addiction Treatment Centres.

Jim ( who has nearly 30 years of sobriety) decided to start a treatment centre to get drunk drivers off the road after his youngest son was nearly killed by an impaired driver.  After 14 years, iRecover has now grown to include rehab treatment facilities in Alberta and British Columbia and has changed the lives of thousands of families.

Jim Gray – Keynote Speaker

Jim Gray is an entrepreneur with nearly 30 years of sobriety behind him. As an accomplished carpenter, pilot and CEO, Jim brings a heartfelt story of tragedy and success to his speaking venues. Jim shares his knowledge of addiction treatment, business development and personal growth with his audience.

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