Alumni Mike takes his 1 Year cake at iRecover Alberta

We are very honored and proud that Alumni Mike W came all the way to the place of his original recovery to celebrate his 1 year clean and sober date with us.

Alumni Mike 1 year

Mike has done an incredible job maintaining his sobriety and attributes his success to working on his recovery every day. We are sad to say that due to unforeseen technical difficulties the follow up video we filmed with Mike was lost, but his original message to those struggling is available below. Mike says that he enjoys a normal life now with his family and he can be part of his kids life in a meaningful way. He enjoys having normal job and feels great.  Mike was accompanied by his beautiful wife, Jenna, on this special occasion where he expressed how she has stood by him and supported him on his road to recovery.

Mike’s message to those still struggling was:

“There is help out there. Get involved in your community, see what treatment center you can get to. iRecover was great and without them I would not be here”. 

We are incredibly proud of Mike and his achievements,

Keep up the good work Mike!

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