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Recovery is possible.

iRecovery Alumni break the stigma of addiction through the power of telling their own story of overcoming their drug or alcohol addiction. Our staff and past participants continue together to celebrate the heroic efforts of these strong individuals and their families.  Our Alumni have often persevered through incredible struggles to break through and can now to tell their own story of sobriety and inspire others to create a positive change in their life.

Real People.  Real Stories.  Real Results.

Together, we all bring the attention and help that is needed by individuals and families that continue to struggle, so that they too can get the addiction rehab they need to help change their life and rebuild their families.  iRecover is about a community of understanding, compassion and support.

Watch the videos below for success stories from iRecover Alumni to learn about their challenges with substance abuse disorder and their path to recovery with iRecover Addition Treatment Centres.

Amreet(Amy) iRecover Testimonial 

(July 2020)

Lance iRecover Testimonial 

(July 2020)

Seth iRecover Testimonial 

(June 2020)

Darren’s iRecover Testimonial 

(June 2020)

Ron’s iRecover Testimonial 

(May 2020)

Participant Testimonial From James

(April 2020)

 iRecover Participant Testimonial

(April 2020)

Pearl’s iRecover Testimonial

(April 2020)

Daniel’s iRecover Testimonial

(April 2020)

Mark’s iRecover Testimonial

(April 2020)

Chris’s iRecover Testimonial

(April 2020)

Alcohol Recovery

iRecover Testimonial

Participant Talks About

iRecover Alberta

A Participant’s

experience in treatment

Alcohol Addiction Recovery 

Patient expectations

Ask Jim Special :

” My 8 weeks at iRecover Alberta”

Ask Jim Special :

“An Alumni experience”

An interview

with a Participant

Recovery Testimonials


Recovery Testimonials



Thoughts on treatment


Recovery Testimonial


His experience at iRecover


Learning from relapse


I felt forced to go…..


Talking about his treatment experience

Participant’s message

A hard life turns into hope for the future


Finding a Higher Power

“Roger” talks about his experience 

A rancher struggled with Alcoholism

Mike talks about

“Walking in scared”

A Participant Interview:

Jason’s Story


Sharing his experience in treatment

Eddie’s treatment experience and message

Nicole’s Treatment Journey at iRecover Okanagan

Please note that the views expressed are those of the participants and do not necessarily reflect those of iRecover.

Recovery is possible.

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