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Changing Lives. Rebuilding Families.

Irecover addiction treatment centers

Canadian owned and operated.

iRecover specializes in the treatment of substance abuse disorders and focuses on developing lifelong recovery. We are rapid access facilities which begins with detox, meaning there is no wait list or doctor referral needed; the only requirement is the desire to change one’s life.

With over 14 years of continued success helping to change the lives of thousands of participants and their families, iRecover has earned the accreditation and developed a world-class reputation.

Speak with one of our experts by calling 1-877-387-4155 (24/7) to discuss how iRecover can help you or your loved one get the right treatment and start rebuilding the life you want.

iRecover’s private drug and alcohol treatment centers are a group of specialized, private addiction treatment facilities, founded by treatment veteran Jim Gray, in various locations around Canada. Our qualified and professional staff offer our participants evidence-based treatment in a friendly and caring environment.

The iRecover team comprises a diverse group of compassionate industry professionals that are highly trained, educated, and knowledgeable in the field of addiction treatment.  Many of our staff have had first-hand experience in dealing with addiction, either themselves or directly with family members.  With the courage to be open about their own shared experience, they are able to relate with our participants empathetically in an atmosphere of understanding and compassion.

The CEO and all staff members of the iRecover team share a dedication and commitment to maintaining the goals of delivering high-quality treatment programming for substance abuse addictions while maintaining the respect, dignity, and confidentiality of the participants that we serve.

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It is our pledge at iRecover to offer a superior quality of safety, confidentiality, respect, and treatment utilizing multiple modalities of addiction recovery.

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Changing Lives. Rebuilding Families.
iRecover Addiction Treatment Centers
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“I still use what I learned from IRecover Alberta everyday. That, for me, started with the willingness to be responsible for my disease. From there I was able to change and I now have a great relationship with my husband and kids.”

Shelby (iRecover Alumni)

I attended the Serenity Ranch in Tees Alberta in July-August, 2011 I very much gained the necessary tools to use when I finished there. I still use them today. I enjoyed the new circle of friends and staff. I loved to work out in the gym, food was amazing. I highly recommend this centre as it is out of nowhere and got you grounded. Wish I could visit there as a visitor or helper as I am a very much loving sobriety”

Nancy (iRecover Alumni)

“Celebrating one year sober today!! I was addicted to pain medication for over a decade and couldn’t
see any other way to live until I came to IRecover treatment centre I was taught a new way of life.
​Thank you iRecover!”

Natasha (iRecover Alumni)

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