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If you have a loved one that is struggling with an addiction, iRecover can play an important role in their treatment.


Supporting an employees that is struggling with a substance addiction can be a challenge. Let iRecover help.


Legal and Medical professionals may refer clients to iRecover to help them with their sobriety.

iRecover’s 24 hour private alcohol and drug rehab centers specialize in the treatment of substance abuse disorders and focuses on changing behaviours and developing lifelong recovery. All of our rehab centers are rapid access facilities. There is no wait list or doctor referral needed; the only requirement is the desire to change one’s life.

With over 14 years of continued success helping to change the lives of thousands of participants and their families. iRecover has earned global recognition and developed a world-class reputation.

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All participants arriving at an iRecover Treatment Center will start their journey with Medically Supervised Detox. This covers both addressing drug treatment and alcohol treatment as we help them manage their withdrawal symptoms.

Our detox is run by our Nursing staff. The length of stay can vary from participant to participant and can depend on factors such as the type of drug that they have been abusing. This is why medical detox must be completed before starting the classroom-based program.

Detox duration is entirely dependant on the participant and their drug of choice. Going through the detox process could take as little as 24-36 hours, while detox from illicit drugs and opioid painkillers or illegal drugs can take up to 7 or more days for the substances to be removed from the individual’s body.

iRecover rehab centres do not require a referral from a physician to attend our drug and alcohol detox or addiction treatment.

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Not just another drug rehab center; iRecover prides itself on being a full-service 24 hour Residential Addiction Treatment Center helping people that are struggling with mental health and addiction. Our drug addiction counsellors provide addictions services that work to find the root cause of your substance abuse disorders. iRecover’s rehab program offers an important step for addicts to move forward with their life as drug-free and sober.

At iRecover addiction treatment centers, we help you along your pathway to recovery and sobriety by helping to create positive changes in behaviours. If you are looking for private addiciton treatment in Alberta or any of our other locations in Canada, we have an addiction rehab location where your journey to recovery can begin. We provide inpatient programs for alcohol and drug rehab only and do not provide outpatient programs.

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Upon completion of our program, iRecover’s lifetime aftercare promise is always with you. After graduation, participants may contact iRecover at any time for help.

Ongoing support from your own community is also key in managing your substance abuse disorder. Using iRecover and your community can help to manage behaviors that may lead to an addiction relapse.

iRecover aftercare works with your community of family and loved ones to help realign your life with the iRecover’s treatment approaches. iRecover teaches your community to watch for signs and symptoms which may be triggered by a substance use disorder. You can always count on iRecover to help you succeed.

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    iRecover Addiction Treatment Centers is recognized as one of the best private drug and alcohol treatment rehab facilities in Canada. We understand and we can help.

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    If you are not local to Tees Alberta, and are wondering how to get to us, have no fear.

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    We are capable of picking you up by plane or vehicle within 1000 miles! 

    Dr. Hilgard Goosen, Dr. Perry Wilson, or the CEO Jim Gray are more than happy to accommodate pick ups at no extra cost.  

    The iRecover team is committed to supporting our participants in their transition out of addiction, through treatment and during their lifelong recovery. 

    If you are dealing with an addiction and you are reading this, we are proud of you.  The decision to change your addictive behaviors, including being overly dependent on prescription drugs, illegal drugs, or alcohol, starts by entering a recognized treatment program.

    iRecover’s residential treatment program is recognized by industry professionals across Canada as delivering results and changing lives.  The National Institute on Drugs has more information about commonly abused drugs and emerging addiction trends that might be causing you to seek help.  If you are suffering from addiction, experiencing withdrawal symptoms, or need help, we are only one call away from a better life.

    If you or someone that you know has a loved one who is struggling with an addiction, iRecover can play an important role with people struggling and needing alcohol rehab or drug rehab for their treatment, recovery, and aftercare.  We also support our alumni families so they never need to feel as if they are doing this alone.

    If your husband, wife, brother or sister, parent, extended family member, neighbor, or even a friend is struggling, help can be as simple as one phone call to our team to get them started on their journey to recovery. Deciding to give iRecover a call to arrange to attend private drug or alcohol rehab could be saving the life of someone you love. Call us 24/7/365.

    Supporting an employee who is struggling with a substance abuse addiction can be a massive challenge for many companies.  Often, medical insurance or even the employer directly can help to subsidize the individual in getting the addiction treatment that they need to secure attending a private drug or alcohol rehab center.

    By taking a proactive approach and supporting the individual, the company demonstrates care and commitment to the person and the team. The HR department, Employee Assistance Program, and Union often also have cost-covering programs such as drug rehab to improve workplace safety. iRecover has been a top choice for employers seeking addiction treatment for their employees in Alberta.

    As a physician, clinician, or someone who works in the healthcare industry, you know first-hand that there are certain challenges in providing people with access to drug and alcohol rehab. As with many ailments, a referral to a specialist might be the only option available within your organization.

    By referring the individual to iRecover, you can rest assured that with our 14 years of experience and treating thousands of individuals, we have and will continue to change behaviours, change lives and rebuild families. Alcohol and drug rehabilitation is possible with an industry partner such as iRecover.

    Changing Lives. Rebuilding Families.

    By now you have realized there is a substance abuse issue for yourself or someone you know. You are taking the right step forward by researching the various options for addiction treatment and addiction treatment centres. Inpatient and Outpatient programs are two options to be considered, however consider inpatient treatment programs that are engaged in private alcohol rehab and drug rehab. When participants are engaged in full time drug rehabilitation in a residential setting, they are immersed 24/7 in a professional and supportive environment that supports their recovery 24 hours a day and without the temptations often found with outpatient programs.

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    With locations across Canada, iRecover has a place for you or your loved one to start the journey to recovery. iRecover has had participants from across Canada, the United States and even Europe. Click the icon above to find out more about our various inpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers.

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      Residential addiction treatment at a rehab centre such as ours, can range in length anywhere from four weeks to several months. The length of stay depends on the severity of the addiction to alcohol or other substance abuse.

      There is no waiting list at iRecover, so within hours of traveling from Edmonton or Calgary Alberta, people can start their addiction recovery very the same day. Our residential addiction treatment services are typically short-term. However, they have the long-term benefits of keeping people clean, sober, and living with healthy habits.

      Participants and loved ones can be assured that our highly educated and trained staff provide a compassionate atmosphere of trust, honesty, and support.  Many of our own staff have first-hand experience overcoming their own addictions. These lived experiences enable our staff to relate individually, or in a group setting. “Lived experience” is a term that is often heard which adds a different dynamic to lessons both inside and outside of the classroom.

      While receiving treatment at our Alberta facility, participants can also have their mental health issues addressed by Dr. Avininder Aulakh (MD, FRCPC, DABAM). Dr. Aulakh is duly qualified as a psychiatrist and addiction specialist, and we are proud to have him as part of our team in the delivery of our high-quality treatment.

      During treatment and after graduation from our program, many participants also attend support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and/or Narcotics Anonymous (NA) benefits them with additional peer support. When we hear from our alumni about how they have stayed sober after addiction rehab, we know that together our team has done an excellent job. We work to change addictive behaviors, change lives, and help to rebuild families that have once been affected by substance abuse issues. We invite you to browse our website to learn more about our detox program and recovery program when conducting your treatment planning.  iRecover follows a strict Code of Ethics.

      We are here to help, so contact us  24/7 (yes, even weekends) at 1-877-387-4155 to discuss your situation and how to get started on your path to recovery. You can also find Addiction resources and services across Canada with provincial and municipal or country contact information to help or your loved one to find local support.

      Some people call us iRecovery and some people call us irecovery.  Whatever you choose to call us, the team at iRecover invites you to call us today.